Parking Space Numbers for

Apartments, Condominiums & Townhouses

EZ Street Numbers are also great for apartments, condominums and townhouses. These mutli-family dwellings require easily identifiable parking spaces that are marked with the unit's number. The traditional method of painting these numbers often results in disappoinment. Painted numbers are difficult to read at night and quickly fade - a process that has to be repeated far too frequently. EZ Street Numbers are a superior alternative to painting parking space numbers.

Our numbers benefit owners and managers with:

  • Significant volume discounts starting at only 10 plaques.
  • Simple installation for maintenance crews - installation can potentially be done in less than a minute per unit.
  • Installation on most surfaces, including concrete, painted metal, bare metal and wood.
  • Long lasting product so you no longer have to paint - our numbers are rated at over 10 years and our black plaques are UV-protected to resist fading.
  • Our limited warranty assures you are receiving a high-quality product.

We painted our townhome parking numbers a few months ago, and they've already faded. EZ Street Numbers is exactly what we need.


Our numbers are perfect for residents because they:

  • Clearly identify parking spots and help eliminate parking errors for guests and residents.
  • Deliver a professional appearance that is much better than painting.
  • Provide bright, reflective numbers that are highly visible at night.
  • Enhance your curb appeal and improve your residents' pride in their homes.

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