First responders and emergency services will find your house quickly when you need them the most

Friends and family can find your house more easily which means more time together

Take the guesswork out of deliveries so your shipments always show up on time

Although street numbers may not seem to be that important, they can be critical in the event of a fire, sudden illness or other emergency...Can your address be seen from the street while sitting in a vehicle in the middle of the night? After all, that’s how an emergency vehicle approaching a residence may be looking at it.
City of Austin Fire Department

curb numbers

When you want me there because your family member is having a medical emergency or you want police there because you heard someone break your basement window or perhaps this fire department when there is a fire, you don't want the crews wasting time getting to you and without a visible house number it could use up valuable time.
Chris Wilson, Guilford County Emergency Services Paramedic

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