Who installs the EZ Street Numbers?

You do. It should take no more than two minutes. You can watch our YouTube installation video by clicking here.

Can I put EZ Street Numbers on top of my old painted street numbers?

Yes. You can put EZ Street Numbers on top of you old painted street numbers as long as the paint isn’t flaking off. Additionally, the paint will continue to rapidly fade where it is exposed to the sun. That means your EZ Street Numbers will look even better over time!

How long will EZ Street Numbers last?

While we provide a one-year limited warranty, we designed these to last for years. The black background plaque is UV protected, the white numbers are rated to last for 10 years and the glue is designed to adhere for years as well. This provides you peace of mind knowing you won’t have to call the painter every year to re-paint your house numbers.

Will the product fade over time?

Yes, but much, much slower than paint. It is virtually impossible to completely eliminate the process of fading caused by the sun. Our product, however, uses integrated UV protection designed to radically reduce the effects of UV radiation that causes color fading. This helps provide years of vibrant, high-contrast colors – day and night!

Will the product rust over time?

No, EZ Street Numbers will not rust since they are made of a highly specialized plastic.

Do EZ Street Numbers have any sharp edges?

No, we’ve designed these with a rounded edge on all four corners. Additionally, since they are designed to lay close to the concrete surfaces to which they are glued, there is not a large protruding surface to create a sharp edge.

What does your warranty cover?

You can read our limited warranty by clicking here (limited warranty is here).

You say EZ Street Numbers will need to be “installed”. Will EZ Street Numbers damage my curb or driveway?

No. They will not damage your curb. If you ever need to remove EZ Street Numbers, we’ve found a flat shovel is the easiest way to knock them off. The flat edge of the shovel can then be used to scrape off glue that might remain on the curb. It is possible some glue may still remain attached to the concrete, but a little bit of work with a wire brush should take that off as well (please wear safety goggles for the entire removal process). We’d like to believe none of that glue residue matters since we’re hoping you’ll just be replacing a decades-old EZ Street Number with a new one if you have to go through the removal process.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept most credit cards and PayPal payments.

What is your return policy?

You can read our return policy by clicking here (return policy is here).

I’d like to purchase EZ Street Numbers in large volume. Do you offer discounts for volume purchases?

Yes. Please contact us by phone at (888) 230-8431 or by email at contactus@ezstreetnumbers.com.