About Us


It started with a simple need. Get our house numbers on the curb and driveway for our safety and the convenience of our guests.

We had painted our house numbers before, but we were never satisfied knowing they would fade within the year. To their credit, painted house numbers can provide high contrast colors like black and white, but they fade over time and are not reflective at all. Over time they become difficult to read in the daytime and nearly invisible to drivers at night.

The fact that we had house numbers on our home didn’t really matter. Why? Because they are only 2 ½” tall and are largely hidden behind a column on our house.

For people trying to find our house, it was nearly impossible for them to drive attentively and spot our house numbers.

That led us to a simple concept. Develop a long-lasting, professional-looking way to display highly visible house numbers that are also simple to install. After a few prototypes and several failures, we finally developed EZ Street Numbers!

  • EZ Street Numbers. The world’s…
  • Easiest-to-install,
  • Most visible,
  • Most durable,
  • House numbers in the world!


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